Tom MacWright

I read A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Karen Armstrong on


This book is taking me forever to read.

But anyway, thoughts.

The author’s neutrality towards God is incredibly impressive and quite a relief after a few of the works I’ve read lately. Although I do wish that there were more time spent on non-Abrahamic religions, there just aren’t many other major monotheistic ones…

The account of the creation of the Trinity, which I feel like I’ve read at least four times in different places, really annoyed me… the unknowable paradox of the Trinity, which I had always thought (back in the dizzle) was something basic to Christianity, seems to be just the haphazard result of lots of stupid bickering. And then now that real Christian philosophy dies, we get an oversimplified, anthropomorphisized, really… backwards attempt to package all facets of God into Jesus. The fact is, belief in Jesus as divine and all-encompassing just isn’t ‘original’ or, really, fundamental to Jesus’s teachings.

So says I, at least. I’ll add more as I think more.