Tom MacWright

The First Node DC Meetup

Development Seed

Last night we hosted the first Node meetup in DC. Paul took great video and photos of the whole event, and I’d declare it a success: there are, after all, some really cool tech people in Washington. It takes a while to scroll our Flickr back to the good old days of Drupal meetups at Stetsons, but this feels like a different ballgame - the few people who are using node.js for real are working on really cool stuff, and those just dropping in learn quickly that this isn’t buzzword-driven yet.

It’ll be a little while until node has the same kind of momentum as Drupal - few people call themselves ‘node shops’ whereas DC has at least 3 ‘Drupal shops’ even after our departure.

And, Will, our in-house film genius, used my song inin as the soundtrack for the video! Pretty cool, and this video had another Pueblo song (called We Looked Nice On TV) in it.

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