Tom MacWright

The Month - October 2011


This is quite a month. First a trip to the Poconos with some old friends, and then a meeting to talk about the future of Carto with Stamen and Google

in San Francisco and then Mountain View.

Then I have the treat of being a keynote speaker at WhereCamp Boston alongside Jeff Warren. It’ll be the first time I talk outside of a narrow, technical topic in quite a while. (my presentations are listed in about) So I’m hoping to have some fun with it - to refine big, the hacky presentation software I wrote for/at my presentation at FOSS4G, and to talk about something a little crazier.

Brian Driving

Photos by Stephen Shore, in Uncommon Places, a thoroughly fantastic book from my sister . I’ve been using some of the photos as references for terribly amateurish watercolors.


AJ Ashton, Gregor MacLennan, myself; photo on left by Dane Springmeyer


In other news, Teen Mom was selected to play the DCWeek opening party - so we’re playing the 9:30 club on November 4th! Get tickets! It’ll be quite a time.

And, sneaking up on me, November is the month for hometaping 3, so I’m going to be recording an album, start to finish. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it complete - crazy to think that 2010’s album is a year old now - but it’s time!