Tom MacWright



I attended IRE 2012 in Boston, which was the farthest from a tech conference that I’ve gone so far. Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood is not beautiful and devoid of coffee shops with wifi. On the bright side, I saw a friend who’s busy opening Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury, and got to wander around a different city for a while.

Teen Mom got a mention in The Huffington Post, and played Fort Reno in June. It’s good to have music happening, though it’s been a long time since I wrote or posted original tunes. Trimming down the gear - to just my ‘94 Telecaster, Princeton, Twin, and pedals.

Goodbye, Danelectro.

After writing a new feature for MapBox Hosting, I’m looking at spending some time tightening up the many projects I now feel some sort of parent-instinct for, despite having varied roles in their actual creation. So hopefully Modest Maps, Wax , MMG, and Carto will all see a bit of a boost.

Besides work-related projects, I’m working on a simple statistics module that’ll soon be described in full, as well as turning keystrokes into sound, turning sound into images, and turning images into sound. Audio is a fascinating thing, from the web audio api to just the basic crazy concepts like nyquist-shannon sampling and additive synthesis. More on that soon.