Tom MacWright


Washington, DC is not a simple city to bike in. Despite its bike-rental program, bike lanes, and bike-friendly legislation, pedestrian fatalities are too common and the essential laws are unknown.

bikelawDC collects the most important laws about helmets, riding on sidewalks, dooring, yielding and more, cites them by number and with a link to the DC Municipal Regulations, and points to next actions: whether dialing 911, notifying @DCDPW, or buying a helmet at a local bike shop.

I want this app to make both cyclists, drivers, and police officers more aware of the law, and better able to use it. The protection of the law is only real if people use it.

cc-nc-sa Matt Wagers

In short, this is not made to make you angry. The world has enough flamewars and middle fingers, and not nearly enough enforcement, understandings, or citations. There are next actions for each rule - whether it’s calling 911, reporting a problem to the DCDPW, or even buying a helmet.

It’s free and open source on GitHub - please fork & create one for your city.

Credit to the noun project for the bike in the icon, to WABA and DDOT for pocket guides which pinpointed the laws.

September 10, 2012  Tom MacWright (@tmcw,