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  • Finally finished A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again and absolutely loved it. I’m less and less that guy who says he loves David Foster Wallace but has only read snippets. Though I really want to find out what the full color spiderman hat he repeatedly refers to is.
  • I’ve been slowly reading this Håkon Wium Lie’s awesome thesis about style sheets, which is really interesting in terms of history; previous innovation just being buried and forgotten, and the reasons for decisions obscured.
  • Feist vs. Rural is a cool read (for a Wikipedia article about a lawsuit about copyright law), and relates to the Aaron Schwartz suit as well as, one of my favorite non-profits (albeit with a terrible site design).
  • Mary Rose Cooke’s Isla is a really cool example of a langauge parser and interpreter written in Clojure. Lisp is the one language that still totally puzzles me, so I’ve been taking time to read and ogle at the mysteries. That, and the whole concept of the language is really cool.

This month Teen Mom also played our first New York show, got real-life vinyl albums to sell (at shows, now, online, soon), and recorded most of a new set of four singles.


The White Ribbon, Rabbits, Wild at Heart (viewed in small snippets at a recording studio / not trying to sound cool but really), now that I’ve read more DFW probably all other Lynch films will be watched soon.


heard + d3js

On Deck

It’s going to be an exciting few months.

I’m speaking at Visualized and am deathly afraid, State of the Map US and am less afraid.

MapBox finally won and can announce a $575k grant for OpenStreetMap improvements. And I’m going to Montreal next week.

September 20, 2012  Tom MacWright (@tmcw,