Tom MacWright


Teen Mom played our first show in months, at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. I’m yielding bass guitar duties to the much-more-experienced Omar, and taking up guitar again. So far I’ve avoided collecting more than one guitar and one amp for this task, but we’ll see how that lasts.

Brett did a great remix of our track I Wanna Go Out.

I talked TileMill at OpenVisConf, iD and Carto and OpenStreetMap at FOSS4G NA. My big index of presentations is growing but luckily so is the percentage of reusable slides. Used pig for these presentations (except for TileMill at OpenVisConf) and felt pretty okay with it.

Been sketching a bit, and posting sketches to my new Instagram account.

Also working on a few visualizations for an upcoming web publication.


So many good things this month.

Martian Chronicles



This month Father Lasch, whose site I built a long, long time ago and somehow still runs, and who was a great leader at my middle school, got in The New York Times for being a leading force for transparency and accountability in the local Catholic Church. Hats off to him.

The National Day of Civic Hacking conflicted with the aforementioned concert with Snowden, and thus I wasn’t able to attend. But, open source worked this time around - Lou Huang, Eric Mill, and Keith Ivey all made awesome improvements to the projects.