Tom MacWright


big onscreen

photo by Coleman McCormick

Biggie is a tool for making presentations that makes it easy to make presentations with big, and publish with one click. Unlike Big, Biggie does the trick of turning Markdown into slides, provided you separate slides with ---, the ‘hr’ shorthand.

I want to make Big accessible to everyone.


It’s easy to switch big-themes - there’s a dropdown, and automatic preview. The themes up there are a little ugly - zero is zero - but it’s easy to contribute one!


The coolest part is that you can publish with one click, which is just standing on the shoulders of giants - it posts a Gist to GitHub and links you to its page on Mike Bostock’s


The tech is basic; CodeMirror (browserified thanks to Max Ogden!), browserify, hbsfy for templating, marked for Markdown parsing.

This was generally written from 12-1:30am last night so is still rough around a few edges - which you can help with!