Tom MacWright

Recently grew into a new stage of maturity. I tinkered with new interfaces and algorithms for feature extraction, camped and ran in Virginia with Kevin, and worked on quite a few fun projects at work.



Recently it’s all rap, centering around Odd Future and Tyler The Creator’s pretty incredible trilogy.


turtle was written in an hour or so after watching yet another Alan Kay video. Like and it uses GitHub Gist as a backend storage mechanism.

The formula is simple: you provide a function that takes an argument ‘t’, for the step (0 to 30000), and it returns a direction, in degrees, or an array of functions that return either a degree direction or other functions. In a way, it’s a bit like tail recursion.

It hits a similar need as Turtle graphics, but I wanted to simplify one of the surfaces: drawings are coded functionally, as one number value to another and first-class functions can be used for branching, recursion, and so on.