Tom MacWright


by emily furhman

Teen Mom released Gilly - stream it for free or buy it for $4.

We then played a show at The Luce Foundation and the launch party for the second edition of The Intentional magazine.

Prevent Cancer 5k

I ran the Prevent Cancer 5k down at Nationals Stadium; it was a pretty uncompetitive race (see also) so my average’ish 19:42 was the 2nd fastest time.

I’ve been writing and recording a bit more music. It’s hard to get back into the flow of spending a day fighting notes into place, but I miss creating music from scratch.

I’m bootstrapping it the same way I did with illustrations - by commissioning myself on more easily todo-listable projects.

Experimenting a bit with my equipment as well, with a new microphone and giving REAPER a shot.