Tom MacWright


February flew by.

Finally developed the last roll out of my Olympus 35RC of photos from New Years.

I skied for the first time. Only ‘green’ slopes thus far and no major injuries. Lots of fun.

Teen Mom recorded two new songs at Persona Non Grata.

I presented with Noah Veltman on principles and mistakes of web mapping. It was at NICAR in Baltimore, so a pleasant little day trip and good to catch up with friends from different spheres.



I wrote a mapmaker cheatsheet in prep for NICAR - it’s the concrete & technical side of mapschool, covering what specific techniques and tools work.

I wrote mrchat, a minimal chat server and client, to help communications within a classroom this week. It’s the deepest so far I’ve gone into the land of streams & browserify, and I walk away really sold on how modular composition makes it possible to do so much in so little code.