Tom MacWright


Pardon the gap.

DC’s humid summer has been arriving slowly and unsteadily. In the meantime, I’ve adventured out to Theodore Roosevelt Island, East New York, New Jersey, and such.

Teen Mom keeps working towards another full-length album. Mapbox is announcing a big thing on Monday at WWDC, and we’ve made several neat things recently.

I’ve been reading The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and it is fantastic: informative in every dimension, about attitude, content, history, and usage. It’s clearly print-focused (hence the need for a web equivalent), but doesn’t annoy me in that direction. As such, it’s interesting to see the parallels between his viewpoint and Tufte’s, which feels like print thinking blindly applied to the web.




For those larger curves to make sense you have to worry about a breakthrough that can do it in cube-root time, but not really forth-root and certainly not fifth-root. How much would you pay to insure yourself against that, precise possibility?

^ Matching Primitive Strengths