Tom MacWright




  • Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman - finally finished this one. It’s true that as the narrative continues you catch on to Feynman’s sexism and, as Gell-Man says, his propensity to get into silly situations just for the story. Occasionally it’ll touch upon ideas for education that are somewhat neat, and it’s interesting to read at least one view into the Manhattan Project.
  • What is Public? by Anil Dash takes the well-worn subject of privacy and finally considers it as more than a binary and something beyond a legal interpretation. In a way it’s like Schneier’s Liars and Outliers, a book that I never really enjoyed but becomes more interesting when you realize how often the social principles it explains are ignored.
  • Camp Lejeune and the U.S. Military’s Polluted Legacy - exactly as you’d expect, it has the amount of sadness and horror as any story that combines environmental destruction with the faceless military industrial complex. It also touches on, though briefly, the stress-bearing union of the way the government treats veterans versus the way they attract soldiers.
  • Thoughts on my first programming conference
  • Speaking up every. Fucking. Time
  • Mature Optimization



I’ve been mostly working on a data system for Mapbox but have made a few things on the side. geobuf is a new contender for futuristic geodata storage, like Shapefiles, but modern and simple. geojson-random generates random GeoJSON files, as it says on the tin, and likewise with geojson-merge. got a few new features. leaflet-terminator adds a solar terminator to maps to visualize day and night worldwide.

Teen Mom released a new song, played a show, and is playing a house show festival this weekend. The DC Code project was featured in Washington Lawyer and GovExec.