Tom MacWright




  • I’m slowly getting into Semiology of Graphics. It’s a special kind of read, because I know that a lot of the ideas I employ already are derived from this book, but I’ve never read it directly.
  • Winter is Coming (Probably) Soon. Something that everyone in the tech industry likely nervously read this month. The connection between general interest rates and a specific industry - and thinking about where that industry lies in the economy - is something new to me. Bad Notes on Venture Capital is less of an intro and I’m embarrassed not to follow a lot of it.
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About When We Talk About Making: it seems like everyone read this this month, and it really is quite good. Though I hadn’t read anything from Tim Maly prior, the style feels familiar, in a good way, to some other folks I admire. That said, I think I’ve realized why I don’t always like reading this type of article, because I can’t find the intended mood or actions or whatever thoughtpieces should invoke. On a similar level of micro/macro technology social thinking is a preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes.
  • Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest: #gamergate loomed large in the public consciousness this month, and I followed Zoe’s twitter with interest. There are lots of directions - understanding the way the media talks about 4chan and the difference between the ‘underbelly of the internet’ and the, usual internet. Or about what isn’t the underbelly of the internet: what separates Facebook and 4chan?