Tom MacWright

Big 1.0.0

Today the big presentation system that I started in 2011 gets its first version: 1.0.0. The tires have been kicked, and for the crazy presentations that it’s made for, big is feature complete.

Lots of people have used big in their presentations: it can be trusted to work. Draft now supports Big presentations, Biggie makes them easy to build with Markdown, the big cookbook documents tips and tricks.

Sergio contributed slide transition timing for lightning talks, Andy added per-slide body classes, Kathleen helped with documentation, Mikeal fixed bugs, Brian added fancy page titles, Calvin added the ability to swipe slides on mobile, and Braulio fixed accented characters.

Big 1.0.0 includes two high-priority changes that I had been putting off for a while: compatibility with older versions of IE & speakers notes. Speakers notes let you write inline notes and display them in the developer console of your browser.