Tom MacWright

Groovy, Teen Mom's final album

For more than 3 years, I’ve played music with my friends Chris Kelly and Sean Dalby in a band called Teen Mom, named after the MTV show called Teen Mom. MTV never sued us, quite the opposite. It’s been a wonderful experience: we’ve driven across the country, played to tiny and big crowds, and learned a lot about music and life.

This month we’re playing our last show at Songbyrd and releasing our last album, Groovy, for free. Our previous two albums, Gilly and Mean Tom, are now free too, and soon we’ll have analog tapes of Groovy for sale.

We finish up in good spirits: Chris is heading to Denver for a change of pace, and we’re all experimenting with new places and new things to do every day. Our tunes will be around forever, and from each of us there’s more to come.

Once there was another guy, same as The Life Guy: he ate heat lamps and crapped fish. But this one didn’t have an ecosystem inside. This time, it was just the guy’s diet.

He went deepsea diving with his business partner, Jamie Tartreuse. While he was down there, he saw a swordfish swimming along that had a whole giraffe carcass stuck on its nose.

The guy didn’t panick or anything, but he did say to himself, inside his mask, “From now on, life isn’t self-explanatory.” That guy hit the nail on the head.

_why: The Story Life Doesn’t Explain