Tom MacWright

I'm writing a book

I’m writing a book. Specifically, I’m writing a longform version of that covers a lot more ground than the original.

The promise is that it’ll be “Everything about open source software development except for anything about programming.”

Thankfully it isn’t about specific technology, so it might stay relevant for over a month. It’s about social situations and communication, and will be steeped with lessons from experience and heavily inspired by Non-Violent Communication, based on the recommendation of Isaac Schlueter.

I’m doing it the old fashioned way. I won’t be editing it live on GitHub for all to see, I’ll be writing every day and then releasing the first version at one time. It’s an intimidating process: trying not to let anyone down, trying to make this worth people’s hard-earned dollars. It’ll also be available for free to read as HTML.

If you’re interested, you can get an email when it launches. My goal is to have it finished by July.