Tom MacWright

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I have something to announce. After 8 years with Mapbox, I’ve decided to move on to new things.

I’m really, really excited for this. I took a job at Development Seed before graduating college, and then that company became Mapbox. As a result, I’ve been continuously employed for my entire adult life. That’s a blessing - I was lucky enough to pick a tiny startup that wasn’t one of the 90% that fail, and I was tremendously fortunate to have mentors who challenged me to think harder and leaders who encouraged me to do more than coding.

And now I’m ready to change again. I think it’ll be fun.

This means I’ll be blogging a lot more. Follow @tmcw or subscribe to the RSS or whatever if you want to read what I’m going to write. Curious what this means for my open source commitments? Have thoughts, feelings? My email’s on /about/

I really tried to make that intro graphic a CSS animation. Here’s the CodePen - browsers were just too quirky for me to trust it. It was really fun to watercolor these planets, though: here’s a photoset of them.