Tom MacWright


This is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks, to challenge myself and create a goal for my art. It’s a fully hand-illustrated (very) short film that I wrote, narrated, and accompanied.

I joke about it, but I do yearn for the gesamtkunstwerk, a work of art that incorporates and harmonizes multiple mediums. This was an exercise in that theme, and I seized upon the opportunity to use word painting a bit, since I could write & perform the narrative, instrument, and visual elements simultaneously.

It’s very rough. I expected this project to take a long time, and it did. Maybe in future versions I can save some time by re-using more elements or making more use of the digital techniques, techniques I barely used here. Photoshop was only used for two small effects in the animation, and otherwise everything is very literally an image of what was on the page at the time.