Tom MacWright

I read Street Fight by Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomon on


Part introduction to urban transit planning, part memoir of a successful political operator, and part pep-talk for fans of pedestrian-and-bicycle-first futures, this book was obviously something I was going to enjoy. True, a lot of it is introductory material if you’ve floated in urban planning circles or are a member of your local bicycle lobby, but there’s certainly more to learn.

My favorite new observation from this read was the simplicity of certain road changes - that Sadik-Khan was able to make so many dramatic changes with little more than road paint and some minor outdoor furniture.

Highly recommended if you’re interested in the future of cities, and I think a follow-up that deals more closely with the emerging ecosystem of TNCs like Uber and Lyft would be just as successful - and luckily the author is still deeply involved in that world.