Tom MacWright


I finally got a library card to the San Francisco Public Library, and it’s been a big month for reading, but I haven’t posted reviews under /books because I’ve promised myself to finish the book identifier converter I’ve been tinkering with for a while. I read ‘White Rage’, ‘The Shock Doctrine’, and am currently working on ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ and ‘Inheritors of the Earth’.

On the internet, I enjoyed Roger Schank on IBM Watson’s overblown claims (see also, my own AI skepticism).


I’ve really been enjoying Atlanta, and finding new music from the snippets on the show. It’s practically the only TV series I feel good about watching.

I finally ponied up the dollars to contribute to the Patreons of Adam Neely and Ben Levin, two YouTube music educators I admire. Their stuff is consistently great and wacky - check out Ben’s gear rundown (watch till the end), Adam’s Polyrhythms are polypitch, and Justice Cow’s Elephant Man - also watch till the end.



I’ve been hard at work with Mike and Jeremy, building Observable, and working on several projects at the same time - perhaps too many. The next two to land will be the book identifier converter, and a dat version of this website.