Tom MacWright



I’ve been reading the latest edition of Logic magazine, and quite enjoying it so far: the dominant writing style is accessible and there’s plenty of substance to the pieces.

My current book is Killing the Messenger, which is very close to home - it’s about a cult and assassination in Oakland. It’s really piquing my interest in Nation of Islam and Black Muslim history. I ran across Nation of Islam a little while ago when I built a Chrome extension to re-add SPLC hate group labels to GuideStar - and one of their more controversial classifications is the NOI. You’ll also hear references to the leader of NOI in Kanye’s Highlights and All Day.

I enjoyed reading Rebekah Cox’s Ambition. It resonated with me in that I often see interest and passion combined with ambition, even though they feel like very different things.


This was a pretty good month for music - I’ve listed to Tortoise’s self-titled, Superorganism’s mega-hit Something for your M.I.N.D., courtney barnett’s new Tell Me How You Really Feel, and Ben Levin Group’s Our Place.


I liked this interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

I finally watched Mad Max: Fury Road - it was excellent, and also for some reason felt like a movie that was long in the making, and it sure is - pre-production started in 1997.

In real life, I saw a performance by the SF Neo-Futurists, which was excellent.

Here’s a video of my newest-newest running map being printed. I also wrote a quick essay about Observable’s reactive runtime, and why it’s useful even if you have a fancy development setup.