Tom MacWright

I read The Autobiography of Gucci Mane by Gucci Mane, Neil Martinez-Belkin, Guy Lockard on


I listened to this audiobook right after finishing George W. Bush’s Decision Points and, let me tell you, I prefer this one. Gucci - one of the creators of trap music, a former drug dealer, and Atlanta star - comes off as a very human, honest, and flawed but charismatic person.

I would describe the writing as competent - this book gets the job done, without being too stylized or too humdrum. The central struggle - Mane’s addiction to lean and struggle to stay out of jail - is tragic in a a way that’s sometimes understated and sometimes comically overdone with “and it was all good - but not for long” foreshadowing.

It’s a quick, jaunty autobiography that also gives some insight into how rap gets made, and how a creative person thinks about their work and their need to create.


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