Tom MacWright

I read Bad Blood by John Carreyrou on


I snagged this book off the long waiting list at SF Public Library - it’s super popular for good reason. For me it was a 4-day read, in large part because it was so engaging that I stayed up late a few nights pushing through extra chapters.

I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a story of intrigue with engaging villains. One of the key attributes is that it lacks an interview with Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO or Sunny Balwani, former President of Theranos - I wonder still whether it would have been improved, fleshed out, if Carreyrou was able to access either of them. Or if it’s better with that blank spot that only serves to illustrate their secrecy and evil.

For me - on the far-left politically - there’s a bit of a thrill learning that people like Robert Murdoch, James Mattis, and - unmentioned in this book but documented elsewhere that Betsy DeVos’s family lost 100 million and so did the Waltons. This is probably the tip of the iceberg for this kind of investment, but it’s amusing that some of the investors were far-right figures. And puzzling that there was very little due diligence even from expert investors.