Tom MacWright

I read Against Charity by Daniel Raventós & Julie Wark on


I bought this book from the anarchist bookstore across the street because I really enjoyed The Politics of Anti-Semitism, another release from the same publisher.

I didn’t enjoy it at all. I ended up skimming for worthwhile sections, but didn’t find many.

The book constantly indulges in whirlwind historical synopses, tying every chapter back to Socrates and early-1900s philosophers and quoting extensively from secondary sources. It approaches every possible individual with ire — philanthropists, politicians, philosophers, economists — never taking a moment to consider any rationale more sophisticated than simple evil.

I agree with the general thrust of this book, which is why I bought it in the first place. But it seems custom-built for someone who just wants to get angry, and who wants a veneer of worldliness on a viewpoint that doesn’t seem to develop beyond a basic impulse.