Tom MacWright

I read The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter on


The Long Earth took me an embarrassingly long time to finish, on the scale of weeks. My attention span dipped in July, I think, so I read this in a lot of ten page chunks and my recall is fuzzy.

It’s pretty fun: it’s kind of like My Family And Other Animals, in space. This kind of book hinges on the central concept, and that concept (many worlds) is fertile ground for Pratchett and Baxter’s odd ideas.

I tend to do no research when I start books, so in this case I didn’t realize that this was the first of five books. I probably won’t read the remaining four - there are 91 books waiting for me in my todo list - but this annoyance is soothed by the book’s steady stream of amusing scenes that don’t really require a character or plot arc to work.