Tom MacWright


A little late on this one! I’ve been focusing a bit on projects and work, and those days flipped past.


I’ve been catching up on some back catalogs - Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20 and Beach House’s Depression Cherry.

The little bit of new music is Claud’s spectacular “Super Monster” a hit-packed little indie pop album. (via Rebecca Williams)


I’m the last person in the world to watch Spinal Tap, but boy is it fun.

Adam Neely continues to make great stuff, like his breakdown of the ‘sea shanty’ trend on TikTok, from a music history perspective.


I had bad luck with books in February, grinding my way through two that didn’t inspire. But then On Writing from Stephen King, which was excellent, and I’m part-way through Patricia Lockwood’s new book, No One Is Talking about This which is awesome so far. It’s, sure, for the incredibly online.

In my experience, if you’re incredibly online, then books that talk about the Internet, but are written by or for the the occasionally online – are unreadable. They live on the surface, exploring surface level memes like milkshake-duck or Pepe. So you mostly read books that are unrelated to the Internet, so that you don’t read some re-explanation of milkshake-ducking for the fifth time. Anyway, Lockwood lives it, knows the real stuff, and she’s also a fantastically good writer.