May 29, 2021
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How has it been almost six months since I posted a photo? I’ve barely taken a photo in six months. I did see my ‘quarantine bubble’ and we did have little dinners in a backyard. But the prospect of posting a photo of some anxiously-rule-abiding social contact during a worldwide pandemic felt fraught.

Here we are, sort of on the other side, as long as ‘we’ is strictly defined to my social network of folks who have been vaccinated for a month or more, who are lucky to live in this country that somehow gained competence at the last minute and distributed the vaccine.

So I’m free to visit family out in the ‘country’, and my family adopted a puppy! A labradoodle named Annie. She’s incredibly sweet. The first time I saw her, she hadn’t learned how to be bad. Since then, she’s discovered the joy of ankle-biting and even tried barking once or twice, but is still generally learning the ins and outs of being a dog.

Next time I see Annie she’ll be a bit bigger - she’ll probably end up 3 times this size! So a reason to visit often.