Tom MacWright

I read Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson on


I haven’t posted a book review since late March. I’ve been reading this book, slowly, since then - along with a few that I tried to read but couldn’t get into (The Age of Overwhelm is one I keep trying to like, The Chickenshit Club is cool but much too detailed versus my interest).

And I have to admit, I left at 85% complete. The Kindle, for one thing, doesn’t warn me when I’m embarking on a 600+ page book.

This book deserves full attention and a lot of free time, neither of which I’ve had recently. It’s a great read, and covers an era in history and a life experience that is essential to America in the 1900s, but is easy to miss if you grow up white and in New Jersey.

I recommend it, as a really cool book, and hope to return to it. I just need to move on so that I can get some reading momentum again.