Tom MacWright

I read Just Keep Buying by Nick Magguilli on


A finance book after my own heart. It gets to the point, shows the data, gives concrete suggestions. Virtually all the advice had me nodding yep.

This should come with sort of similar caveats to Die With Zero - this is not the book to learn how to save an extra dollar. Its advice to saving early in life – to focus more on earning more than cutting corners – will rub some people the wrong way. Many people I know can pull levers to increase their earnings, but if you don’t have access to a network, to an education, and so on… it’s not so simple.

But anyway. It’s a really good book that gives good advice and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend starting off in investing. Nick’s writing is in a similar vein to resources like the Bogleheads, but much more accessible and less puritan.