August 15, 2022
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Camera: iPhone 13 Mini
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Between places, I spent a day in Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver was interesting. It feels exceptionally clean, in a different way than Washington, DC. There’s lots of very visible wealth, as well as some visible homelessness. There are some fantastic areas for bicycles and pedestrians, but lots of areas seem car-dominated.

I took this photo walking over the bridge to Granville Island, which is lovely but once I got there, all I saw were cars. So many cars, all looking for parking. You can’t get to the island on public transit, and you have to take a circuitous route to walk there. It was frustrating. We could have utopia, but… cars.

My hotel was around Yaletown, so that’s where I spent a lot of time walking. It’s nice, like - extremely nice. It felt like Portland’s Pearl District or Hayes Valley in San Francisco.