Tom MacWright

I read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami on


This book sat on my to-read list for months, maybe years. I finally got the spark to read it, trying for the umpteenth time to restart my running habit.

It’s a really enjoyable, easy read. It’s simpler, I think, than I expected it to be. Not in a negative way at all, and Murakami writes a few passages that are hard-hitting and introspective, but it’s also just a book about “just running.” It’s about what running means to him, how he goes about it, what his runs feel like. His writing makes it all a lot of fun to absorb and vicariously experience with him.

It’s a fun book that deserves its reputation and it was a welcome complement to some quiet afternoons this month when I read it on the porch of an airy house on an island.


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