Tom MacWright


Prospect Park

November was another packed month of travel, work, and making the most of New York before the snow takes over.


I finally finished Barbarian Days. I think it took over a month to get through it - kept losing momentum by taking a few days off from reading during a trip. It was good - of course it was good, it won a Pulitzer. I enjoyed it, but I wish I enjoyed reading it more, and I’m not sure why.

There have been hundreds of articles written about Twitter and FTX this month. I read a lot of both, and none of the FTX articles particularly stuck out, but jwz’s writing has been a fun way to follow along with some of the Mastodon/Twitter hype. That’s jwz of Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, and DNA Lounge.

Nick Maggiulli’s How Much Growth Can You Expect? was an interesting read, but even moreso I appreciate that all of his analysis is open source on GitHub and serves as a neat example learning a bit of R.


NYC Marathon

Not a big month for new music, the only thing that really hooked me in November was Pavane pour une infante défunte by Maurice Ravel. I’m trying to learn it on guitar (like most classical, there’s a great tab on classtab), but the original version on piano is so lovely.


Serial mom

Serial Mom was, I think, the first John Waters film I’ve watched. Made me want to watch more from the back catalog.

Matchstick Men

I’m continuing the mission of watching all the Nic Cage films - at 18% so far - with Matchstick Men. It’s one of the good ones.

Finished Only Murders in The Building, which has a sort of extreme mass-appeal quality that’s become more boring than appealing lately.