Tom MacWright

Last week I joined Val Town as Steve Krouse’s cofounder. Val Town is a system for programming in the small, for writing short programs in TypeScript that can link together into something larger. It’s for writing that scheduled web scraper or basic API that you wanted to make but didn’t want to add to your pile of servers on AWS or GCP. It’s already a lot of fun to use, and is going to keep getting better.

Placemark lives. It’s still getting better every week. It’s been about two years since I formally started it, and it’s grown into a great product with the help of supportive and creative customers. I’ve been relatively quiet about Placemark-the-business, despite writing a steady flow of blog posts on features & improvements on But, soon - I’ll publish a state of Placemark in the near future.

I’m tremendously excited about Val Town. It’s a small team in Brooklyn and Seattle, with lots of creative energy. I think we’ll be able to take this opportunity and make something great, something that in retrospect always should have existed.