Tom MacWright

I read Meet Us by the Roaring Sea by Akil Kumarasamy on


Wow, what a story. I read this one with my book club, and basically everyone, including me, loved it. It’s current - writing about climate change and AI, historical - connecting the plot to Indian history - literary - experimenting with changes in perspective, typography, writing style. Akil aimed high at something that is memorable and new in many different ways, and really achieved those goals.

It’s not a vacation read, or a fun romp. It’s occasionally funny, but it’s overwhelmingly bittersweet and conflicted. It’s the kind of book you get lost in.

I’m planning on reading this again: the timing of the book club and my packed January schedule (I got a new job!) meant that I didn’t have enough time to really take my time and absorb it. I’ll probably like it even more on the next go-around.


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