Tom MacWright


Writing in from Washington, DC, my once-hometown and the birthplace of Mapbox. This one will be quick because I’m between one thing and another!


Buke and Gase released some music they recorded a while ago, and there are some hits in it. I especially love this track ‘Bubbles,’ which really could be a radio hit.

I’ve also been listening to Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried, which will probably be only one of 20 podcasts, TV shows, movies, books about SBF. But it’s pretty good. Bloomberg puts out good content!


I read Capital Without Borders, which is a great add-on if you’ve already read Piketty’s Capital or anything by Zucman, Saez, etc. It really gives you a level-headed perspective of what exactly the wealth management industry does, and how it affects the word.

Right now, I’m reading Crabgrass Kingdom, which I found via the New York Times piece on Vienna. It’s pretty good, but unfortunately kind of dated - when it was published in the 80s, US cities hadn’t started their arc back toward growth and power. Still pretty good, though!

The Vienna piece is also highly recommended. Very few commentators have said so clearly that we can’t fix America’s housing problems without letting go of our obsession with owning houses as investments. The Henry George Program did, but of course they would.


I watched some trash this month - The Terminator, They Live, and Next.

Unfortunately, I think I ran out of the good Nic Cage movies four movies ago and it’s a slog to watch all the rest. Only 22% done with watching the whole Cage filmography.