Tom MacWright


I developed an old roll of film and the photos are pretty decent!

My Olympus XA-2 is my default walking-around camera. I love it, but its age is showing and I’m envious of the crisp photos that people get out of later-era SLR film cameras. Thinking about getting a lightweight viewfinder for my monstrous Nikon F, or buying something like a Nikon FM2. There’s a paradox to this gear, though, and I don’t want to delude myself into thinking that I’d use a slightly different camera more when really the issue is that I’m not shooting many photos regardless.


These were shot with SantaColor, which produces the strong green & red channels. It’s interesting? I chose not to “correct it” all the way back to natural lighting. Or I couldn’t find a way to do that without ruining the look.


Getting film developed is harder than ever, but most major cities have an option.

Chicago tour

I’m still using Capture One to manage my photos, which is expensive and vastly overkill but really nice, focused, “pro” software.

Prospect park


Navy Yard