Tom MacWright

I read The Affordable City by Shane Phillips on


This is a surprisingly comprehensive book about how to fix city housing markets. I found myself agreeing with practically everything in it. It’s written for a general audience, so for me, a perpetually-online housing lunatic, a lot of it was review.

But still, some new ideas and strong new ways to argue these points and try to establish peace between different kinds of housing advocates who today are unfortunately at war. It also reaffirmed some of my ideas I wrote about in homeownership, that we as a society heavily subsidize rich homeowners and do not do nearly enough for renters. Abolish Prop 13 and get rid of the mortgage income deduction and the house sales capital gains exclusion - they’re nonsense loopholes!

All in all, a great book and one I’d recommend for people who are getting up to speed with the economics and harsh reality of urban housing.


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