Tom MacWright

Hawbuck wallets

There are a lot of companies pitching new kinds of wallets, with lots of ads - Ridge is one of the most famous. An option that never seems to come up in internet listicles but I’ve sworn by for years is the Hawbuck wallet.

My personal preferences for this kind of thing is:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Ideally, vegan

Hawbuck checks all the boxes. I used mighty wallets before this and got a year or two out of them, but Hawbuck wallets wear much, much slower than that. Dyneema is a pretty magical material.

I’m happy it’s also not leather. I still buy and use leather things, despite eating vegan, simply because the vegan alternatives for things like shoes and belts tend to be harder to get and they don’t last as long.

(this is not “sponsored” or anything)