Tom MacWright

Takeaway from using CO₂ monitors: run the exhaust fan

For the last few years, I’ve had Aranet 4 and AirGradient sensors in my apartment. They’re fairly expensive gadgets that I have no regrets purchasing – I love a little more awareness of things like temperature, humidity, and air quality, it’s ‘grounding’ in a cyberpunk way. But most people shouldn’t purchase them: the insights are not worth that much.

So here’s the main insight for free: use your stove’s exhaust fan. Gas stoves throw a ton of carbon dioxide into your living space and destroy the air quality.

This is assuming you’re using gas: get an electric range if you can, but if you live in a luxury New York apartment(1) like me, you don’t have a choice.

I used to run the exhaust fan only when there was smoke or smell from cooking. This was a foolish decision in hindsight: run the exhaust fan whenever you’re cooking anything. Your lungs and brain will thank you.

  1. luxury here means basic, run-down apartments with no amenities that are now expensive because of the housing shortage caused by rampant obstructionism of housing in dense cities