Tom MacWright

Previous and next links for my daily note in Obsidian

I am still using Obsidian pretty heavily. I use the Daily note plugin to create a daily note which anchors all the links to stuff I’m working on and doing in a particular day. I wanted better navigation between days without having to keep the calendar plugin open, and decided on this little snippet -

[[<%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %>|← Yesterday]] - [[<%"YYYY-MM-DD", +1) %>|Tomorrow →]]

This requires the Templater plugin installed and the Trigger templater on new file creation option enabled, and the daily note date syntax be set to YYYY-MM-DD.

I still find Templater a bit intimidating. The only other place where I use it is for this, the microblog, which has this:

<% await tp.file.move("/Microblog/" + tp.file.creation_date("YYYY[-]MM[-]DD")) %>

Since this microblog is published using Jekyll, its filenames need the YYYY-MM-DD date prefix. This command renames a new microblog file according to that syntax, and then I add the slug and title for it manually.