Tom MacWright

I read No Worries by Jared Dillian on


This was an extremely quick read. I’m a slow reader, but this took me maybe two days to finish.

I didn’t like it very much. His writing style is pugnacious in a sort of Mark Manson way. A lot of his advice did not sit right with me. His recommended portfolio, is 20% cash and 20% gold? His advice about earning more is kind of flippant. He’s a believer in market cycles and has some real bearish takes on markets in general. There’s a rant about central banking and what the Federal Reserve has done wrong that now seems like just reusable content in every finance book. If only one of these authors was in charge of interest rates, they could fix it…

I think a lot of his recommendations are about adjusting financial behaviors around instincts. His recommended portfolio sacrifices some performance in exchange for stability, because he expects people to freak out when the market crashes and to panic-sell. He recommends that you have some money in individual stocks to do some betting because you probably like to gamble. Not everyone’s like that, and I think that books like Maggulli’s Just Keep Buying aim to adjust those instincts rather than play into them.

It’s an okay book, but it’s not something I’d recommend to most people: it has too many personal gripes baked in, and the investment advice is pretty far outside of the norms.


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