Tom MacWright

Searching for a browser

I continue to hop between browsers. Chrome is undoubtedly spying on me and nags me to log in - why do I want to log in to a browser!? Arc is neat but vertical tabs waste space and tab sync is weird and I always end up with 3 Arc windows without ever intending to open a new one. Plus, it wants me to log in to the browser - why would I want to log in to a browser!? Orion has great vibes but the devtools are Safari’s, which might be fine, but I am very locked in to Chromium-style devtools. Firefox… I want to believe, but… I think it’s just dead, man. Safari is fine but again, the devtools lockin.

For now, I just want Chrome without the spying, so I’m trying out ungoogled-chromium. Seems fine so far.