Tom MacWright


Updated January 30, 2023

I’m living in Brooklyn, helping Steve and the team build Val Town. This involves a lot of basic building work, like backend & frontend development, devops, and design.

The niche that I’m learning about is server-side sandboxing with Deno, V8 Isolates, and whatever comes next. I’m also winding down Placemark, which is its own long list of chores.

I recently added a microblog to this site. Guess that’s the yearly tiny blog-infrastructure change.

I’ve had a little more momentum with side projects recently. I think I was shipping too late and putting too much pressure on them for my instincts, and shipping early and just opening the GitHub repos from the start helps.

I’m running but not training for anything. I’ve had a really good time with running for the past few months: no injuries, decent consistency. I’ve been running for almost two decades now and have gone through a lot of phases and this one’s one of my favorites – effortless effort.