Tom MacWright


I just landed in San Francisco. I live and work here now. Hi!

I took a break in 2017 to get some perspective. The break started with a burst of activity across my projects, and then I spent more time learning about plants and data science. I went to Cuba, Seattle, San Francisco, Kentucky, and a few other places. For a few weeks, I clocked in at under one hour of software development time.

Over time, an idea of what I wanted to do next solidified. I loved the idea of working on tools for creativity, like I did with Mapbox Studio, and wanted to work on fundamental technology. I was ready to leave DC, and ready for something new.

So that job: well, I’m working with Mike Bostock on a better way to code. Yes, I’m absolutely ecstatic about it.

It’s a brilliant idea that is a simplification at the lowest levels of coding. It connects to the question of code and UI as tools for expression, to how teaching should use code, to how code should flow, and interprocess communication. Mike’s reputation precedes him: his d3 project is the gold standard of data visualization, and his projects cover so many other areas, always with wise and principled implementations.

I’m so excited for what’s to come.

I’ll see you all in the Bay Area: let’s hang out.